**GIFTED** Call My Blush by from the new Editor's Picks collectio

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**GIFTED** Call My Blush by from the new Editors Picks collectio
**GIFTED** Call My Blush by from the new Editor's Picks collection. This is a soft sheer pink. Seen here in two coats. I love the hue of this. The pink gives your nails little life. I did however, notice that the pink pigment tends to leave tiny brush strokes behind, which I've found to be a common problem with sheer shades. You may be able to see it a little in the photos. I wouldn't go as far as to say that the polish is streaky, because it's really soooo minimal. But I did notice some brush strokes which were visible up close. To be fair, I use polish so often that I am a bit knit picky about them. It may be something that others wouldn't notice or even be bothered by because like I said, it's minimal. Swipe to see the macro. ***

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