Happy Saturday . Happy Leap Day! Today I want to talk about commu

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Happy Saturday . Happy Leap Day! Today I want to talk about commu
Happy Saturday . Happy Leap Day! Today I want to talk about community, what it means and why is important to keep that sense of Community here on our Little IG community. For me Building community is to embrace one another, support one another and actually mean it, knowing the boundaries we have and lift others up within the Community. Why is important to not brand people as a NUMBER, we are not numbers growing on right side corner, but beautiful humans who are behind this little squares! What I love about my IG community is getting to interact with all the amazing humans behind it, laugh with them, praise them and share them, celebrate them everyday and you know why? Because we are all doing incredible things one way or the other, we all have a value big or small! . So here is the general meaning I found, so have a read! "Community building is something we do together. It's not just a container," said sociologist David Brain. It is within this shell that people do the things together that allow them to sustain livelihoods. People working together with shared understandings and expectations are what provide a place of strong community. DEFINING COMMUNITY: There are several ways that people may form a community, which subsequently influence the way a community may be strengthened: 1. Sharing common interests and perspectives 2. Joint action, a sense of coherence and identity. 3. Social ties involved relationships that created the ongoing sense of cohesion. 4. Diversity referring to the social complexity within communities in which a multiplicity of communities co-exist." . So in this Happy Note of Community I want to announce the Winner of the GIVEAWAY I did with .ironside last week and her one of a kind iridescent French Press and Fruit Basket... and the Winner is Amy Congratulations Amy, Andrea will be contacting you soon to let you know all the details! Please share with us when you get the Prize!. You can still Grab your French Press on Amazon, look for Lady Ironside! I will provide a link on my stories for you to access to the site! what's the meaning of Community for you? Have an awesome Weekend

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