"Panna cotta" is Italian for "cooked cream," a dessert which has

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quotPanna cottaquot is Italian for quotcooked cream,quot a dessert which has
"Panna cotta" is Italian for "cooked cream," a dessert which has luxurious texture and its really simple to prepare. But the twist here is "yogurt" instead of heavy cream, my version of panna cotta has greek yogurt. Now imagine the possibilities, you can be very creative with it. Like instead of sugar, you can use honey, instead of plain yogurt you can use fruit flavored yogurt and top it with the same fruit. Or you can use low fat yogurt with stevia. Its a versatile dish and can be served as appetizer also. I tried this version of panna cotta at a restaurant and since then i was experimenting with ratio of gelatin and texture. And when i saw these Flower Pot muffin cases at they inspired me to create this spring recipe. These silicon molds, disguised as terra cotta flowerpots are easy to use, and can be star of any themed party, easter goodies or classic mini chocolate dirt cakes with flower topping. Since the are struggling to find activities to cope with unexpected holidays, this could be a great idea to involve kids to make this no bake "pretty floral dessert" You can use my code "GZ25" to get discount at all stores in Dubai. ______________________________

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