[TAIPEI] First time having "sushi" and "pizza" and "burgers" for

[TAIPEI] First time having

[TAIPEI] First time having "sushi" and "pizza" and "burgers" for afternoon tea! I've been a huge fan of the from for years, so I was very curious and excited to try the new creations they just launched last week. . From sushi and burgers to pizza and hotdogs, these are ALL DESSERTS!!! They are SO cute and creative but most importantly they are really delicious. . Tbh, I expected them to be too sweet like those fondant cakes all of us have had, but I was blown away with how creative Chef Cyrille was with fruit jellies, creams and choux pastries to get the vibrant colors and flavors, so that they tasted just like eclairs. I devoured every bite, it wasn't too sweet or heavy at all. If you could only pick one, I would recommend the salted caramel "fried chicken" or the raspberry "pizza." . . Thank you Chef Cyrille for having us, and thank you and for the company! .

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