This is one of my current favorite keto snacks or treats! This is

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This is one of my current favorite keto snacks or treats! This is
This is one of my current favorite keto snacks or treats! This is a LCHF/Keto version of "Turo Rudi"!#turorudi This is called "Turo Rudi" and it's originally from Hungary since 1968 and has spread to other parts of the world like Slovakia, Romania, Spain and Italy under a different name. I'm from Hungry and I grew up on this! The inside is made from "Turo" a dairy product that is sweet and you might know it by the name "Quark". It is a fresh cheese of European origin. It is a mild creamy cheese without the sour taste of yogurt. It is not the same thing as cream cheese or cottage cheese. The outside is a milk or dark chocolate cover. You can have different versions of it with different jams in it like raspberry or apricot! Recipe: 1. Mix one pack of quark with vanilla and sweetener of your taste. You can add a bit of whip cream as well and combine it well! 2.Make small rolls like on the picture and wrap it into baking sheets 3. Put it into the freezer for 15 min 4. Melt your sugar free chocolate with the double boiling system and put your sticks one by one into the chocolate until each of them are covered with chocolate Note: I added a bit of sweetener and caco butter to my chocolate 5. Place the sticks on a baking paper (decorate them with hazelnuts if you want) and place then into the fridge so the chocolate hardens 6. Enjoy! . . .

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