TRADER JOE'S GROCERY HAUL. Okay guys. I got all this + some snack

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TRADER JOES GROCERY HAUL. Okay guys. I got all this + some snack
TRADER JOE'S GROCERY HAUL. Okay guys. I got all this + some snacks not pictured in 20 minutes WITH my babe because so I couldn't get allll the things I love + I wasn't tryin' to spend $300 at today. So I'm thinking I'll put together a guide of everything I ️from Trader Joe's, which would really be everything you all love from Trader Joe's because you are the amazing ones who tell me about all these products! Would ya be interested in a guide - yay or nah? This kale gnocchi looks disgusting, but I figured I should be a good dietitian and try it TBH I don't LOVE the cauliflower one. Bought it anyways along with this tomato and mozzarella stuffed gnocchi because obvi that sounds like it tastes goooood. I think TJ's has the best selection of healthy frozen items to keep on hand for when you get back from traveling, you're tired, you're lazy, you're sick of leftovers, you need something healthy stocked in your work fridge, etc. etc. I love all their veggie burgers. Got the Quinoa Cowboy today. One of my clients also just told me about these shrimp burgers so had to pick them up. I've had their boxed falafel but another client told me they had it frozen so trying that. And got some turkey meatballs - the difference in the nutrition facts on this vs. the beef ones was cray cray. Check it out next time. Other frozen stuff - randomly saw this spicy Thai shrimp fried rice and the sodium surprisingly wasn't through the roof and I love anything Thai - hence the dumplings I got too. Frozen colorful carrot coins - client recommended + easy for the kids + more color = more antioxidants. Tempeh = super easy protein source. Just cut and cook on the stove. Never seen this pre-marinated, pre-grilled chicken before! Just heat. They had lemon pepper and a plain one too. Hello quick dinner!! I didn't get a bunch of produce because most of it's more expensive there than at my regular store but I always have to pick up Cruciferous Crunch + snap peas. Loveee their mixed nut butter. Also couldn't find cashew butter at my normal store the other day so grabbed some here. (continued in comments)

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